What are the important requirements of GHS implementation

GHS implementation

Chemicals are made by manufacturers for the different purpose. But, the transition period between its productions till the receipt of the end user is very critical. It is going to cause different types of damage to the human being as well as environment. Communication of the hazards from the very beginning is important. This should be conveyed by the manufacturer. Proper labeling and classification of each chemical are very important.  The communication and identification of risk at workplace is repeatedly updated. Some rules are different based on the geographical locations.

Classification of hazard

The previous standard is used while dealing with classification of hazards. GHS implementation is a wonderful attempt to keep the human being and the environment safe from the effect of chemicals exposed. What type of health hazard can take place after reaction of each chemical, is important to find out. The information about all the chemical ingredients and mixtures are duly present in the data sheet.

What are the requirements?

Labeling is an important requirement for each chemical. GHS implementation also speaks about labeling. Following are the facts included on the label:

  • The name or the identity of chemical or the mixture
  • Suitable pictogram
  • Signal word
  • Code for hazard identification
  • Identification codes for precautions

The manufacturer of the chemical also should indicate the symbol and sign with the size. It is done in such a way that the employer must be capable to define the dimension of all the pictograms. That too from a distance less than 7 meters.

GHS implementation

Inclusion of the Safety data sheet (SDS)

The safety data sheets have many points. You have to read each and every points before using each chemical. Skipping any one point from the list may mislead you. Normally, there are 16 points in the data sheet. Following are some important facts:

  • The written facts in the sheet must be concise. People should understand it clearly
  • It include the symbol for each chemical
  • The chemical name and the brand name is mentioned
  • It include the properties of each chemicals and mixtures
  • How hazardous is the product is also stated
  • People can know about its effect on the environment and people
  • The manufacturer should state the precautionary measures to prevent precautions
  • The manufacturer must not use any vague expression
  • The pages should be numbered for proper understanding.

Difference between GHS rules of different countries

The rules and regulations of GHS in each country is different. Thus, the implementation of precautionary measures will be dissimilar. But, all the terms should be accepted globally by the world Health organization (WHO). There will be a need for ecological toxicity classification and its disclosure. In both Canada and U.S, the classification criteria are different. The labeling outline with upper and lower threshold must be mentioned. The audiences of GHS are the international organization, regional institutes, and government etc.

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