GHS SDS Solution by ICSDS Helps Produce Labels Quickly and Easily

Image may contain: 1 personTransitioning to the new HazCom 2012 is a difficult time for most manufacturers and dealers of chemicals in the US. Apart from routine business matters the additional concern is to update existing MSDS to SDS or get new ones prepared. This can be a simple or complex task depending on how the chemicals have been reclassified.

A company may choose to use its own staff to update the data sheets. What happens in that case is that quite a lot of time is wasted in trying to find out the precise classification code for products. GHS SDS solution by ICSDS takes care of safety data sheets preparation or updates and saves clients time besides getting them the benefit of knowledge and expertise.

Another matter of concern relating to compliance is that of safety labels. The new safety labels carry pictograms and warning text. The text must be written using the right set of words to convey information without any confusion. This is just one part of it. Labels need to be printed and displayed as well as affixed to containers. Users can use templates and ready to use labels but the better solution provided by ICSDS is printable labels and cards used in conjunction with cloud based software. This allows for printing of customized primary and secondary container labels. Labels printed this way are more precise and accurate in conveying hazard information. ICSDS label printing solutions make it easy for manufacturers or traders of chemicals to print the type and size of labels as may be required using their in-house inkjet or laser printers.

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The computerized solution allows users to resize and move hazard pictograms as well as warning texts within the label area. The operator need not enter data. He calls up the relevant safety data sheet and links it to the printing software. This means there is no chance of error. Labels are as near perfect as they can be as regards information, compliance and size that makes for easy reading even from a distance. Labels on containers come in for rough treatment. As such these labels need to be tough and durable. ICSDS offers users a variety of options in label materials.

The GHS SDS solution goes beyond compiling data sheets and making them accessible for use in label printing. Clients have the option of a complete software that helps them create and maintain databases, access databases online and also track containers. The software can be used on desktops as well as mobile devices allowing more flexibility and freedom for users at any level. The documents and labels need to be translated to other languages should a company get into the export business and deal with organizations in Europe or Asia. ICSDS solutions also include training and translation.

By retaining ICSDS clients gain immense benefits such as accuracy in SDS and continuing support which is vital since UN GHS is always subject to revision as new information on hazard level of chemicals continues to be uncovered.

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